Refinishing A Door
Checking For Damage WeatherStrip  
We carry on our vehicles all the weather strip necessary to help get your energy cost down.
Do you know weather strip plays a major role in  helping keep your house insulated and keeps unwanted visitors like : lizards, spiders, ants , etc. Keeping your heat in winter and your cool air during the summer times. The better condition your weather strip is , the better AC performance. You will be saving money .

Install new weather strip on your front door or back door . Any door needing to the outside will save you money or electric bill. Keep cool inside and keep away heat coming from the outside. Give us a call today to install your new weather strip.!!!
Take a moment from your busy schedule and look around your door , if you see any light coming from the sides ,top, bottom of the door, your weather strip is bad .!! Its time to replace it and start saving money on your electric bill .

Give us a call for one of our Weather Strip Experts to come out and take care of all your weather strip problems .!!!!!
Threshold Replacement & Repair
How easy is it for us to check how much warm air is escaping and how much hot air is coming in? By simply using this device we can tell how bad your weather strip is around your door .This device will show us were the air is leaking, just by checking and pointing exactly were your air is escaping. 
Let us check the weather strip around your doors , replace any damaged weather strip , and reduce your electric bill by 10%or 20%.
We are here to help you keep your house warm and well insulated.
After Weather Strip Replace
Before Weather Strip Replace 
These are some example of the different types of weather strip and more.
Replace Your Damaged Weather Strip
Is your threshold damaged ?
When you step on top of the threshold does it move ?
Can you see screws sticking up ?
Can you see light under your door ?
Does water leak in ?
Does air leak in ?

Your threshold plays a major role keeping your house well insulated as well as the weather strip. Take a moment to answer the questions above , if you answer yes to any its time to change your threshold.
Do you want to change the look of your entire way?
You don't want the threshold looking different then your hardware. You want everything to match and make your entire way look BEAUTIFUL .Your front door is the first thing your guests see when they come to visit.

If your threshold is not well chocked between the threshold and wood ,water will leak in . That will produce major damage or will create a bigger cost to do more repairs then necessary.    
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